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LPG Engineers Ipswich

LPG engineer Ipswich

A Class Plumbing and Heating install, repair and service LPG fired boilers in and around Ipswich. Having installed hundreds of LPG boilers across Suffolk we have plenty of experience in this field. LPG cookers are also common in properties that do not have access to natural gas. We install and service these too. A Class Plumbing and Heating work in partnership with Calor Gas and are able to prepare and install new LPG tanks.

Advantages of LPG boilers include:

-Cheaper upfront costs than an oil boiler.

-It is a cleaner energy and will produce less carbon emissions. This is fantastic as the government is looking for incentives to support this in coming years.

-LPG boilers generally produce around 20% less carbon, which makes a big difference to your home's carbon footprint.  

-LGP boilers are also a great option if you’re looking to replace an old, inefficient boiler. On average, LPG boilers are around 90% efficient, wasting only 10p on the £1.

-They are compact in size and therefore perfect for smaller spaces such as park homes or tiny homes. 

Domestic & Bulk LPG Supplier For Off Grid Heating and Energy (

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