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Underfloor Heating in Ipswich

Installing underfloor heating systems in your home is a great heating choice and is widely acknowledged as being efficient and value for money, as well as adding a touch of luxury. Contact us for a free no obligation quote on your under floor heating project. 

Underfloor heating Ipswich
Underfloor heating Stowmarket

Pros of Underfloor Heating:

We’ve established that there are several pros of underfloor heating that you need to consider, so it’s time to get stuck in. Underfloor heating has gained popularity as a modern and efficient heating solution with its numerous benefits. So, let’s find out why by shedding light on its advantages across various aspects.

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor heating offers notable energy efficiency advantages compared to regular heating solutions. Underfloor heating can be up to 40% more energy-efficient than traditional radiator systems. 

Space Saving

Bulky radiators can take up more space than you realise. However, underfloor heating eliminates those large radiators and frees up your space. You can make the most of your wall space or push furniture items flush against the wall to open up the floor. 

Suited To All Floor Coverings

Underfloor heating is the perfect solution for any room since you can install it under any floor covering. You can place underfloor heating under carpet, tile, wood, stone, laminate and almost any other floor type. 

Easy To Install

Although installing an underfloor heating system may sound problematic, their installation is easier than you think. With professional assistance you can have underfloor heating running in no time at all.

Comfortable Heating Experience

Underfloor heating systems offer a comfortable heating experience through various features. These systems provide even heat distribution, eliminating room cold spots and temperature variations. 

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